Signs Your Ford F-150 Needs New Filters
F-150 driving down a rural roadF-150 driving down a rural road

Signs Your Ford F-150 Needs New Filters

Your Ford F-150 is built to handle the roughest terrains and the longest drives. But like all vehicles, it requires regular filter maintenance. Here are the signs that your Ford F-150 needs a new oil, engine, and cabin filter.

Oil Filter

Reduced Oil Pressure: If the oil filter becomes clogged, the flow of oil circulating through the engine can be reduced. This reduction in oil flow can damage the engine over time and can also cause the engine control unit to turn on the oil light. Reduced oil flow can also cause critical components such as variable valve timing actuators to malfunction. This can lead to reduced engine performance and could cause the engine control unit to turn on the malfunction indicator light.

If you notice these symptoms, check your oil level and change the oil and your oil filter as soon as possible. A clogged oil filter can damage your engine.

Engine Air Filter

The check engine light on the dashboard: The check engine light on the dashboard is the most common sign that your Ford F-150 may need a new engine air filter. If the filter becomes clogged, it can restrict airflow to the engine. The engine's computer monitors the air-fuel ratio, and if it detects a problem, it will turn on the light.

Reduced engine performance: A contaminated air filter reduces the amount of air that reaches the engine. This can affect the engine's performance and increase emissions and carbon deposits if the filter is not changed.

Cabin Air Filter

Reduced Airflow: The main job of the cabin air filter is to let clean air into the car while filtering out pollutants. If this filter gets dirty or blocked, it makes it hard for air to flow through. This means the air conditioning or heating system won't work as efficiently. If you're turning the fan to the highest setting and still not getting much air, it's probably time to check and possibly replace the filter.

Dusty Cabin: When the cabin air filter is full of dirt, it can't block things like dust from getting into your car. You might see dust coming out of the air vents.

Noisy Fan: Sometimes, the dirt and debris from a contaminated filter can get into the ventilation fans, causing noises like rattling or buzzing. If your fan sounds loud or strange, especially at high speeds, it could mean there's a problem with the filter.

To avoid these problems, replace the cabin air filter regularly. Replacing the cabin filter is a simple and inexpensive task that can improve air quality in your Ford F-150.

How often should I replace my Ford F-150 filters?

For your Ford F-150, it's generally recommended that you replace the oil filter every time you change the motor oil. The frequency depends on the type of motor oil you use and your driving conditions. Synthetic oil usually lets you go longer between changes compared to conventional oil. Driving in tough conditions like heavy towing or off-roading also requires more frequent routine checks and services.

We recommend using a synthetic oil filter on your Ford F-150 for enhanced engine protection. As for the air filters, it is good practice to inspect them every 12,000 miles (20,000 kilometers) and replace them if necessary.

Can I replace the filters myself?

Here's a quick guide to replacing the oil filter by yourself. If you are unsure of the process or encounter difficulties, it is best to consult a professional.

What filters should I use on my Ford F-150?

FRAM Ultra Synthetic® and FRAM Tough Guard® oil filters work well on the Ford F-150 because they provide maximum engine protection and are built to handle tough driving conditions. For engine and cabin air filters, FRAM Extra Guard® and FRAM Fresh Breeze® are solid options. To find the right filters for your Ford F-150, you can go to and enter your car's year and engine. We'll guide you from there.

Remember that it's essential to change all filters regularly and do more frequent maintenance checks when driving in dusty areas.

Questions? We're here to help. Reach out the FRAM specialists for product and maintenance support.


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