FRAM TrueAir™

Premium Cabin Air Filter

FRAM TrueAir™ innovative N95 grade filter media features dual layered anti-bacterial†† and anti-viral layers that captures 95% of airborne particles from entering your vehicle’s cabin.


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Odors are one thing, but breathing in microscopic particles that enter your vehicle’s cabin is another. FRAM TrueAir™ premium cabin air filters capture 95% of airborne bacteria†† and virus† carrying particles before entering your vehicle. With a second layer of protection, FRAM TrueAir™ filters out 99% of dirt, dust, pollen, and allergens, so you can breathe in clean air every time you drive.

FRAM TrueAir Cabin Air Filter captures 99% of dirt, dust, pollen entering your vehicle.FRAM TrueAir Cabin Air Filter captures 99% of dirt, dust, pollen entering your vehicle.

* Product is not NIOSH certified and not intended for use as a respirator or for medical purposes. Based on 3rd party ISO11155 testing of FRAM filter CV10381 achieving 95% filtration efficiency @ 0.3 micron, and 99%+ efficiency @ 3 micron.

Product tested to ASTM F2101 with Bacteriophage PhiX174 and achieved 99% Filtration Efficiency.

†† Product tested to ASTM F2101 with Staphylococcus Aureus and achieved 98% Filtration Efficiency.

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