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FRAM Tough Guard® Oil Filter

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Height (Inch) 2.625
Outside Diameter (Inch) 2.690
Anti-Drain Back Valve Yes
Bypass Relief Valve Yes
Gasket Inside Diameter (Inch) 2.266
Gasket Outside Diameter (Inch) 2.531
Gasket Thickness (Inch) 0.203
Gasket Type Base
Attachment Type Spin-On
Bypass Relief Valve Setting (Pounds per Square Inch) 13
Filter Media Material Cellulose/Synthetic Blend
Inlet Type Threaded
Inside Thread Diameter (Millimeter) M20x1.5
Thread Size Metric
Torque Nut No
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  • Description

    FRAM Tough Guard® oil filters are designed for tough driving conditions, stop and go traffic, and hot and cold temperatures. The synthetic blend media is engineered to perform with conventional and synthetic motor oil. Equipped with SureGrip® technology, FRAM Tough Guard oil filters provide a non-slip surface allowing for easy install and removal. The silicone anti-drain back valve ensures safe engine startups, extending the life of the oil filter for up to 15,000 miles (24,000 kilometers).

    • Proven protection for up to 15,000 miles (24,000 kilometers)
    • Engineered for tough driving conditions, stop and go traffic, and hot and cold temperatures
    • SureGrip®?technology for easy install and removal
    • Synthetic blend media provides 99% dirt holding capacity
    • Silicone anti-drain back valve helps ensure safe engine start up

    *FRAM Group testing of average filter efficiency of TG8A, TG3387A and TG4967 under ISO 4548-12 for particles greater than 20 microns.

    **Greater than 3X the functional life of Nitrile ADB when tested per SAE HS806 hot oil and Anti-drain-back test.

    ?Not all features are available on every part number in the product line. Check the package for specific features of individual filters.

  • Applications

    This Item Fits the Following Vehicles:

    Year Make Model Engine
    04-03 ALFA ROMEO 156 L4-2.0L
    10-06 DODGE ATTITUDE L4-1.6L
    97-95 FORD ASPIRE L4-1.3L
    96-91 FORD ESCORT L4-1.8L
    03-02 HONDA CIVIC L4-2.0L
    06-00 HONDA INSIGHT L3-1.0L
    09-04 HONDA S2000 L4-2.2L
    12-08 INFINITI EX35 V6-3.5L
    2013 INFINITI EX37 V6-3.7L
    12-03 INFINITI FX35 V6-3.5L
    2013 INFINITI FX37 V6-3.7L
    02-99 INFINITI G20 L4-2.0L
    12-11 INFINITI G25 V6-2.5L
    08-03 INFINITI G35 V6-3.5L
    13-08 INFINITI G37 V6-3.7L
    2013 INFINITI JX35 V6-3.5L
    10-06 INFINITI M35 V6-3.5L
    13-12 INFINITI M35H V6-3.5L
    13-11 INFINITI M37 V6-3.7L
    24-16 INFINITI Q50 V6-3.0L
    18-14 INFINITI Q50 V6-3.5L
    17-14 INFINITI Q50 V6-3.7L
    22-17 INFINITI Q60 V6-3.0L
    15-14 INFINITI Q60 V6-3.7L
    18-14 INFINITI Q70 V6-3.5L
    19-14 INFINITI Q70 V6-3.7L
    19-15 INFINITI Q70L V6-3.7L
    2003 INFINITI QX4 V6-3.5L
    24-19 INFINITI QX50 L4-2.0L
    17-14 INFINITI QX50 V6-3.7L
    24-22 INFINITI QX55 L4-2.0L
    17-14 INFINITI QX60 L4-2.5L
    20-14 INFINITI QX60 V6-3.5L
    24-22 INFINITI QX60 V6-3.5L
    17-14 INFINITI QX70 V6-3.7L
    02-01 KIA RIO L4-1.5L
    05-03 KIA RIO L4-1.6L
    97-94 KIA SEPHIA L4-1.6L
    01-95 KIA SEPHIA L4-1.8L
    03-00 KIA SPECTRA L4-1.8L
    15-11 MAZDA 2 L4-1.5L
    23-12 MAZDA 3 L4-2.0L
    23-12 MAZDA 3 SPORT L4-2.0L
    95-90 MAZDA 323 L4-1.6L
    91-90 MAZDA 323 L4-1.8L
    94-93 MAZDA 323 L4-1.8L
    02-95 MAZDA 626 L4-2.0L
    22-16 MAZDA CX-3 L4-2.0L
    18-13 MAZDA CX-5 L4-2.0L
    93-90 MAZDA MIATA L4-1.6L
    05-99 MAZDA MIATA L4-1.8L
    97-94 MAZDA MIATA L4-1.8L
    96-92 MAZDA MX-3 L4-1.6L
    24-16 MAZDA MX-5 MIATA L4-2.0L
    97-95 MAZDA MX-6 L4-2.0L
    98-95 MAZDA PROTEGE L4-1.5L
    03-99 MAZDA PROTEGE L4-1.6L
    00-90 MAZDA PROTEGE L4-1.8L
    03-01 MAZDA PROTEGE L4-2.0L
    03-02 MAZDA PROTEGE5 L4-2.0L
    91-90 MAZDA RX-7 R2-1.3L
    95-93 MAZDA RX-7 R2-1.3L
    11-04 MAZDA RX-8 R2-1.3L
    94-91 MERCURY CAPRI L4-1.6L
    96-91 MERCURY TRACER L4-1.8L
    98-95 NISSAN 200SX L4-2.0L
    09-03 NISSAN 350Z V6-3.5L
    20-09 NISSAN 370Z V6-3.7L
    24-19 NISSAN ALTIMA L4-2.0L
    2004 NISSAN ALTIMA L4-2.5L
    24-06 NISSAN ALTIMA L4-2.5L
    18-08 NISSAN ALTIMA V6-3.5L
    2002 NISSAN ALTIMA V6-3.5L
    2004 NISSAN ALTIMA V6-3.5L
    2006 NISSAN ALTIMA V6-3.5L
    14-09 NISSAN CUBE L4-1.8L
    19-05 NISSAN FRONTIER L4-2.5L
    2003 NISSAN FRONTIER V6-3.3L
    2010 NISSAN FRONTIER V6-4.0L
    11-09 NISSAN GT-R V6-3.8L
    17-11 NISSAN JUKE L4-1.6L
    24-18 NISSAN KICKS L4-1.6L
    14-03 NISSAN MAXIMA V6-3.5L
    23-16 NISSAN MAXIMA V6-3.5L
    19-15 NISSAN MICRA L4-1.6L
    2016 NISSAN MURANO L4-2.5L
    07-03 NISSAN MURANO V6-3.5L
    24-09 NISSAN MURANO V6-3.5L
    21-13 NISSAN NV200 L4-2.0L
    22-17 NISSAN QASHQAI L4-2.0L
    09-04 NISSAN QUEST V6-3.5L
    17-11 NISSAN QUEST V6-3.5L
    24-22 NISSAN ROGUE L3-1.5L
    19-17 NISSAN ROGUE L4-2.0L
    2023 NISSAN ROGUE L4-2.5L
    21-08 NISSAN ROGUE L4-2.5L
    22-17 NISSAN ROGUE SPORT L4-2.0L
    19-17 NISSAN SENTRA L4-1.6L
    03-00 NISSAN SENTRA L4-1.8L
    19-13 NISSAN SENTRA L4-1.8L
    2006 NISSAN SENTRA L4-1.8L
    01-98 NISSAN SENTRA L4-2.0L
    12-07 NISSAN SENTRA L4-2.0L
    24-20 NISSAN SENTRA L4-2.0L
    12-07 NISSAN SENTRA L4-2.5L
    2003 NISSAN SENTRA L4-2.5L
    15-14 NISSAN TIIDA L4-1.6L
    15-07 NISSAN TIIDA L4-1.8L
    24-09 NISSAN VERSA L4-1.6L
    12-07 NISSAN VERSA L4-1.8L
    19-14 NISSAN VERSA NOTE L4-1.6L
    2003 NISSAN XTERRA V6-3.3L
    07-05 NISSAN X-TRAIL L4-2.5L
    24-23 NISSAN Z V6-3.0L
    2005 SAAB 9-2X H4-2.0L
    06-05 SAAB 9-2X H4-2.5L
    2016 SCION IA L4-1.5L
    15-08 SMART FORTWO L3-1.0L
    06-04 SUBARU BAJA H4-2.5L
    10-04 SUBARU FORESTER H4-2.5L
    2005 SUBARU IMPREZA H4-2.0L
    11-04 SUBARU IMPREZA H4-2.5L
    95-88 SUBARU JUSTY L3-1.2L
    12-05 SUBARU LEGACY H4-2.5L
    12-05 SUBARU OUTBACK H4-2.5L
    21-17 SUBARU WRX STI H4-2.5L
    12-09 SUZUKI EQUATOR L4-2.5L
    20-16 TOYOTA YARIS L4-1.5L
    18-17 TOYOTA YARIS IA L4-1.5L
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  • Installation
    1. Use proper protective gear. Used motor oil should not come in contact with bare skin. Engine oil may be hot.
    2. Place a drain pan under the oil filter and unscrew oil filter.
    3. Clean mounting base making sure the O-ring from the old filter is not stuck to the filter mount.
    4. Apply film of clean oil to filter gasket. Do not use grease.
    5. Screw new filter on until gasket reaches base contact. Then tighten according to instructions on filter using tightening guide markers.
    6. Check owner’s manual for correct oil specification viscosity and amount.
    7. Add oil to “full” on dipstick. Idle engine for 5 minutes and check for leaks.
    8. Shut off engine and recheck oil level after 5 minutes and top off as necessary.