FRAM® Announces New Ultra Synthetic Oil Filter Design




Patrick Reyes

Marketing Manager Filtration

FRAM® Announces New Ultra Synthetic Oil Filter Design

Rochester Hills, Michigan, September 29, 2021 – FRAM®, the industry leader in engine oil filtration products, is pleased to announce the arrival of the new and improved FRAM Ultra Synthetic® oil filter, which now features an innovative 2-ply media design.

FRAM Ultra Synthetic® is a premium, high-flow filter, and its innovative second-generation design features a brand-new screenless media technology. The previous generation included a metal screen in the media for structural support, which has been replaced with a new, 2-ply material. One side consists of a synthetic blend for durable structure and filtering support, and the other, a fully synthetic media, offers higher flow efficiency and superior filtration performance.

“We are excited to bring our updated Ultra Synthetic® filters to the market,” says Senior Director of Marketing, Carl Weber. “The new dual-layer media material provides ultimate protection for up to 20,000 miles, delivering the reliable performance our customers have come to expect.”

Over 90% of FRAM Ultra Synthetic® oil filters are developed, engineered, and made here in the USA. They install easily and are designed to work with all motor oil types to deliver top performance and protection in all driving conditions.

FRAM Ultra Synthetic® filters feature:

  • SureGrip® technology for easy removal and installation
  • All-new 2-ply synthetic media for 99% filtration efficiency
  • Advanced protection for up to 20,000 miles


FRAM Ultra Synthetic® oil filters are available in a variety of retail locations across North America.

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