FRAM TitaniumTM

Oil Filter

FRAM Titanium is a high-flow synthetic oil filter featuring advanced technology engineered to provide proven protection for up to 20,000 miles.  

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FRAM Titanium™ advanced high-flow synthetic oil filters offer ultimate engine protection for up to 20,000 miles. Engineered with premium synthetic blend media, FRAM Titanium™ provides over 99% dirt trapping efficiency, allowing peak engine performance between longer synthetic oil change intervals. FRAM’s innovative filtration technologies is what makes FRAM Titanium™ keep your engine protected and performing longer.

Rough non-slip textured surface coats the exterior of the oil filter allowing for easy install and removal.

Precision coil spring with glass-fiber-reinforced nylon poppet.

Metal Screen Back Synthetic Blend Media™ increases dirt-trapping and dirt-holding capacity for higher levels of engine protection and longer filter life, exceeding today’s synthetic oil change intervals.

Stronger, more durable synthetic blend media provides an outstanding 99%+ dirt-trapping efficiency.*

Rigid metal-screen support offers exceptional pressure resistance and flow spacing.

Silicon anti-drainback valve delivers superior start-up engine protection with up to 3X the hot oil resistance.**

Engineered high-flow threaded plate inlet holes offers controlled oil flow to cleanse over the filter media surface.

Perfect Seal™ advanced nitrile gasket extends durability and temperature protection, perfect for longer synthetic oil change intervals.

Product Overview

Installation Instructions

  1. Use proper protective gear. Used motor oil should not come in contact with bare skin. Engine oil may be hot.
  2. Place a drain pan under the oil filter and unscrew oil filter.
  3. Clean mounting base, making sure the O-ring from the old filter is not stuck to the filter mount.
  4. Apply film of clean oil to filter gasket. Do not use grease.
  5. Screw new filter on until gasket reaches base contact. Then tighten according to instructions on filter using tightening guide markers.
  6. Check owner’s manual for correct oil specification, viscosity and amount.
  7. Add oil to “full” on dipstick. Idle engine for 5 minutes and check for leaks.
  8. Shut off engine and recheck oil level after 5 minutes and top off as necessary.

*FRAM Group testing of average filter efficiency of 8A, 3387A and 4967 or equivalent FRAM Force models under ISO 4548-12 for particles greater than 20 microns.

**Greater than 3X the functional life of Nitrile ADB when tested per SAE HS806 hot oil and Anti-drain-back test.