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FRAM Fresh Breeze® Cabin Air Filter


Product Description

FRAM® Fresh Breeze cabin air filters can keep up to 98% of road dust and pollen particles from entering a vehicle. The only cabin air filter that uses the natural deodorizing properties of ARM & HAMMER™ baking soda. Contaminants that enter the vehicle with outside air through the vehicle’s air conditioning, heating and ventilation system can become concentrated and expose passengers to road dust, dirt and allergens at higher levels than outside the car.

  • Filters up to 98% of dust, pollen and other contaminants
  • ARM & HAMMER baking soda combined with carbon embedded in the filter assists in cleaning outside air flowing through the vehicle’s ventilation system
  • Helps protect your vehicle's heating and air conditioning unit while also keeping it working efficiently
  • Installs on average in 15 minutes

Product Specs

Length 9.417
Width 11.032
Height 1.379
Installation Time 45
Location Under Glove Box

Where to Buy

Installation Instructions
  • Applications where used
    AUDI A4 2009-2016 L4 2.0L Base
    AUDI A4 ALLROAD 2013-2016 L4 2.0L
    AUDI A4 QUATTRO 2009-2016 L4 2.0L Avant; Base
    AUDI A4 QUATTRO 2013 V6 3.0L
    AUDI A4 QUATTRO 2009-2012 V6 3.2L Mexico
    AUDI A5 2015 L4 1.8L Mexico
    AUDI A5 2010-2016 L4 2.0L Mexico
    AUDI A5 2015 V6 3.0L Mexico
    AUDI A5 QUATTRO 2010-2017 L4 2.0L
    AUDI A5 QUATTRO 2008-2010 V6 3.2L
    AUDI ALLROAD 2013-2016 L4 2.0L
    AUDI Q5 2011-2017 L4 2.0L
    AUDI Q5 2013-2017 V6 3.0L
    AUDI Q5 2009-2012 V6 3.2L
    AUDI RS5 2013-2015 V8 4.2L
    AUDI S4 2010-2016 V6 3.0L
    AUDI S5 2010-2018 V6 3.0L
    AUDI S5 2008-2012 V8 4.2L
    AUDI S5 SPORTBACK 2018 V6 3.0L
    AUDI SQ5 2014-2017 V6 3.0L
    PORSCHE MACAN 2017-2018 L4 2.0L
    PORSCHE MACAN 2015-2018 V6 3.0L
    PORSCHE MACAN 2015-2018 V6 3.6L
  • Competitor comparison
    Competitor Name
    Competitor Part #
    AUDI 8K0819439
    AUDI 8K0819439A
    BECK/ARNLEY 042-2150
    CHAMP CAF1857P
    FRAM TrueAir CV11179
    FVP F4227
    FVP F4227C
    K&N FILTERS VF3009
    MAHLE LA386
    MAHLE LAK386
    MANN & HUMMEL CUK2450/1
    NAPA 4227
    VOLKSWAGEN 8K0 819 439
    VOLKSWAGEN 8K0 819 439A
    VW-AUDI-PORSCHE 8K0 819 439
    VW-AUDI-PORSCHE 8K0 819 439A
    VW-AUDI-PORSCHE 8K0 819 439B
    VW-AUDI-PORSCHE PAB 819 489 10
    WIX 24227

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Installation Instructions

Available written instructions for this product and some applications are below.

Instructions may not exactly match your vehicle.

For best experience, please use video instructions where applicable.

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TOOLS: None required.

LOCATION OF CABIN FILTER: On the passenger side of the vehicle beneath the glove box


  1. Open the passenger side door and move the passenger side seat back as far as possible.
  2. Look in the glove box and remove the three screw clips securing the panel under the glove box. Remove the panel.
  3. Locate the cabin filter cover and gently slide the cover to remove it.
  4. Remove the dirty cabin filter and replace it with the new cabin filter.
  5. Reinstall the cabin filter cover by sliding it gently back into place.
  6. Reinstall the panel and secure it by reinstalling the spring clips.
Download PDF Instructions

1. Road dust and pollen particles ranging in size from 5-100 microns.
2. Deodorizing tests used isovaleric acid (sweaty odors), geosmin (earthy odors) and dog hairs.
3. ARM & HAMMER, the ARM & HAMMER logo and distinct orange trade dress are trademarks of Church & Dwight Co., Inc. and used under license by FRAM Group IP LLC.
* Always follow OE recommended change intervals.